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Anis: Elected Officers 10 Questions 2018/19

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  1. Myself-  Hi! My name is Anis, I am a law graduate from UH, currently working as the Vice-President Community of UHSU. I am a debater, MUNer and also an amateur guitarist! I am an optimistic person. I love travelling, cycling and running!

Sometimes I suffer from extreme superiority complex and sometimes I suffer from having no confidence in myself utterly! I guess like everyone else I am just a human after all. 

  1. SU— I am looking forward to making the SU more student-led, representing the underrepresented groups of students and build that sense of community in the university of Hertfordshire! I am also focusing on mental health of our students and build a new strategy on dealing with students’ mental health. This year I will also be working on sexual and domestic violence campaign, BME campaign and engaging students to the SU website!


I love the way everyone communicates in the SU! It’s like you need something you just give a shout and get a reply instantly! Everyone is overwhelmingly friendly! 

  1. Although I don’t know swimming, I love scuba diving. If money and time weren’t an issue I would spend 24/7 underwater. 
  2. Definitely Hogwarts. Will take my girlfriend Arony as Hermione granger which apparently makes me Ron Weasley! Whatever! Ron seems more fun anyway: D 
  3. Math Teacher. I hate Maths. 
  4. I am usually an early person but there are days where I really really wanna be late. 
  5. Giving and receiving smiles, compliments!! 
  6. Leonardo-di-Caprio! He just worked hard and hard and hard to get where he is today really. Finally, that Oscar pays off! 
  7. Being with my friends in Santorini, Greece. Going for Scuba Diving, trying new food, unreal scenarios, what else can I ask for! 
  8. I used to believe there are no evil people in the world, it’s just the way we were raised. That belief changed recently! 
  9. I can give an hour presentation on Capitalism, Communism, Arab Spring, Religion with absolutely no preparation. Any sort of theoretical discussion makes me excited really. 
  10. Visiting a country where you don’t look like them, you don’t speak the language and most importantly you can’t spend that much money! It feels like you are a new-born baby but with no parents obviously! 


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