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Cleaning: The bane of every good housemate's life!

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Put off by the piles of dishes in the kitchen sink? Tired of sitting in the toilet with no toilet rolls? 

Worry no more! We are here to give you top 3 tips on keeping your house squeaky clean! 

Let’s go -

1. Cleaning ROTA – Bring out all the stationaries you have always wanted to use and get creative. 

  • Make sure chores are repeated weekly – no one wants to be solely responsible for cleaning the toilet. 
  • Make a list including all your housemates and divide the tasks equally.

Weekly cleaning also ensures that you don’t face a hefty bill for cleaning at the end of term/ your tenancy.

2. Don’t forget to take the bins out. Find out when your bins are collected and remember to put them out on the night before. 

This way bins won’t pile up and you will have a clean-smelling house and no pests! 

3. Share the expenses of cleaning products between all your housemates. Go to the nearest supermarket once a month with everyone and stock up on all the cleaning products you may need, such as 

-Bin bags

- Cleaning sprays or wipes

-Toilet rolls


-Toilet brush

-Washing liquid

-Sponge etc.

These top 3 cleaning tips will make life easier while living in a shared house. 

If you find yourself in conflict with your housemates about cleaning or other issues, don’t hesitate to contact the Advice and Support Team at your Students’ Union (Call: 01707 285022   E-mail: advice@hertfordshire.su).