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Condensation & Mould in Your House!

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Bathing, washing, cooking and even breathing can all cause moisture to be released into the air; and moisture in the air can cause condensation, leading to the growth of mould in your home. Condensation can be seen in any home from time to time, but when left and not dealt with it can get really nasty!

There are three main ways to reduce the likelihood of condensation;


•If possible, try drying wet laundry outside; or by hanging it in the bathroom with the door closed and window open wide.

•Keep the window open whilst you are cooking, and cover pans that are producing steam.

•If you have a tumble drier, ensure that it is permanently vented to the outside of your home.


•When you are using a room, try and keep a window slightly open. Also, do not cover up or obstruct any vents that may be in rooms.

•Ensure that windows are opened when you are cooking and bathing; it also helps to shut the door, to prevent the moisture entering other rooms. If you have an extractor fan, be sure to switch it on during both of these activities.

•Do not overfill your wardrobe or cupboards, so to allow the air to circulate freely inside.


•It has been found that a constant, low-level form of heating provides the most economical form of heat and reduces the likelihood of condensation.

If mould has built up, the best way to remove it is to use one of the many fungicidal products that are available in both home-ware stores and supermarkets. It is incredibly important to always follow the instructions for a mould removal product; it is normally recommended that you always ventilate the area, and wear protective clothing (such as cleaning gloves), whilst applying the product.

Want to find out more about how to look after your house? Speak to the Advice and Support Team! 

Call:  01707 285022   E-mail: advice@hertfordshire.su


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