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Academic Advice & Support During Deadline Season

Handing in work can be nerve-wrecking for many reasons...

Luckily for all UH students, the SU Advice and Support Centre is on hand to help you with everything from academic misconduct to workload management!

If you have any concerns you about your work, or you feel you are not getting the most out of your learning resources, you can talk to the Advice and Support Centre. Simply book a Skype or telephone appointment with an Academic & Welfare Adviser by calling 01707 285022 or emailing advice@hertforshire.su

Sometimes things don’t go our way and we make simple mistakes by accident. Our advisers are here to help with whatever dilemma you are facing, so if you think something has gone wrong, get in touch as soon as possible. The team can provide advice and information about the Serious Adverse Circumstances, academic appeals and academic misconduct investigation processes.

If you don't feel like you need an appointment, but want to find out more about academic misconduct or academic appeals, take a look here.

SU Study Smart

Has anyone ever helped you to figure out how best to organise your work or how to tailor how you work or revise in-line with your learning preferences? SU Study Smart can help! Learning can be tough but it shouldn't feel like an uphill struggle... We're offering you the opportunity to take a step back and reflect upon how you approach your studies through our SU Study Smart sessions.  Simply get in touch with the SU Advice Team to book your one-to-one session.

Break & Breathe

Finally, it is really important during assessment time to take regular study breaks and look after yourself. It may be that you do a virtual Active Students session or go for a short walk - you might take a break to call a friend or make a big cup of tea. Whatever you choose to do as your study breaks - it's really important to look after yourself, and allow yourself the chance to relax and recharge, when you're working hard. 

We wish you well with all your assignments and are easily on hand if you require any advice or support. 


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