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December Officer update - What your Officers have been up to!

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Your Officers have been working hard over the Christmas period to ensure your student experience is the best it can be. Want to know what they have been working on? Well here is your monthly update on their successes!

President of Education, Zaina Hakim:

  • Zaina’s debate club has been getting festive, with debates on whether is Santa real? (Of course he is!) Have your own opinion? Come along to join the debate on Thursday 13th, 5-6pm, W025 Law Court Building.
  • Zaina has also worked on the timetabling survey and is collaborating with Sal Jarvis (Vice Chancellor) to develop questions that will help understand students’ academic experience.
  • She has, and currently is, working with different groups around the university to promote race equality and celebrate diversity including the Race Equality Charter Mark and the Black, Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Working Group.


President of Community – Anis Aman:

  • Last week, Anis launched his campaign of #HertsEmpowerment. After three successful days out campaigning on campus in bright yellow, we received over 100 feedback forms from students! The students informed us on what changes they wanted at the University with their ideas. Want to find out more about these ideas? Please visit https://hertfordshire.su/your-say/hertsempowerment/
  • One of his ideas from #HertsEmpowerment is for lockers for placement and commuter Students on Campus, which he is currently lobbying for.
  • Anis is also working with placement students to change the way halls are allocated. This way, placement students can live together meaning with their busy schedules, they may get some sleep!
  • Also, he has been preparing for Student Council of the 12th of December


President of Activities – Amal Jolly:

  • Amal has worked with the UH board of Governors to improve the UH student experience, ensuring the voices of the students are heard.
  • He is preparing students, and the new campaign officers, for Student Council on the 12th of December.
  • Finally, in order to provide students with better activities and better value for money, Anis is also working with university teams to negotiate and lobby for outdoor Gym Equipment around The Oval/ College Lane Halls


We hope you have a very merry Christmas and good luck for any pending exams in January!


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