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Don't Cheat Yourself Out of Uni

We all know what it’s like. You may have been sat staring at a blank word document on your computer for the last hour whilst ‘not watching’ Come Dine with Me. Or perhaps you had suddenly been filled with a renewed sense of enthusiasm to deep clean the bathroom or re-organise your wardrobe. You’ve got to get these things done at some point right?

But nothing can hide the fact that you have a deadline looming… and nothing written down.

You may then start scrolling through social media and see an ad saying ‘Need a first-class essay in less than 24 hours? Click here! It only costs £60!’ The website offers guarantees that the essay will be undetectable by TurnItIn and completely plagiarism free, and you think for just a minute ‘I could just buy this essay and be done with it…’  


We understand that university can be very stressful and that it can be incredibly difficult to keep on top of everything – but is it worth putting everything on the line because you’re behind on a piece of work?

Purchasing an essay and submitting it as your own work counts as cheating and can result in you being excluded from university.

Do not get lured into using essay writing websites - it is academic misconduct.

Got a deadline looming? Write what you can and seek help and support from either the Module Leader or Programme Leader via e-mail.

For future assignments, make a note of deadlines in your calendar and plan reminder notifications for when you are getting close. You can also make use of the academic skills support that is available either through your School or the wider University support services.

When you purchase an essay, and submit it as your own work, you are not only cheating academically but you could also be cheating yourself out of your place at University.

Panicking and want advice? Contact the Advice and Support Team for help and guidance for anything student life throws at you!



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