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(Contents from Trident Media)

Image: Pixabay

[Chloe Burrowes | Contributing Writer]

When moving into university, packing can be a bit of a minefield – who knows what you’re going to need before you go somewhere?! Have no fear, we are here to provide you with an essential shopping list; one for the boring, basic stuff that your mum will definitely remember and another for the things you really need to survive your first year!

The Boring/Basic Stuff

Laptop – highly important for the university, unless you want to spend your whole life in the library!
Folders/Filing Systems – organisation is key at university; start as you mean to go on. 
Duvet (and a duvet set)
Pots, Pans, Cutlery, etc. – nobody likes the person who borrows all their stuff and doesn’t wash it up, so be prepared and bring your own. 
Memory Sticks – life-saving, especially if your laptop dies.
Diary – A planner will be your Bible with all those deadlines, exams and coursework to remember.


Pretty self-explanatory.

Now go and put that student loan to good use!


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