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Free shuttle bus to station update

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A free shuttle bus to Asda and Hatfield Station was promised in my manifesto and I am continuously lobbying for it like last 5/6 officers did, during their sabbatical period. The reasons that were provided for this not being a reality are: 


1) UNO Bus company is unable to fund the extra 100,000£ required for this service to run. The university already subsidize the free shuttle bus service between campuses and the university is unsure if there is a really high student demand for this service because there was a service running 5/6 years back and there were no students using the service.


2) UNO already have nearly 10-15 bus services running between the station and campuses. The tickets cost 1.10£ which is a big contributing factor in their budget. I lobbied to make this tickets for free but again, financially it was impossible to do so.


3) In many focus groups, students constantly debated me that they want a more reliable service than a cheaper one. Considering this, I am now lobbying for a better timetable, more buses and a live timetable app which will be launching this January. The adaptability to train timetable is also a major issue which we already did some research on and proposed a formal proposal.


If you still want this service to happen please up vote and comment, so we get a much clearer version of students demand and where would they like their money to be spent on.


Best Wishes,


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