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How to Deal with Homesickness

Moving to university is exciting. You are embarking on a whole new life, with new people and new routines. However, we are also very aware that missing home, your family and your friends is also part of the deal. We know that it can sometimes be difficult to make new friends or pull yourself away from the comfort of your room to try new things. At the Union, we have all been through it. We know how daunting university can be, but we’re here with some advice on how to get you through the homesickness, making sure you have the best university experience possible!


Our top tips are:


  • Talk to your flat/course mates! The likelihood is they are also feeling the same way as you. Talking to the people you spend a lot of time with can be a real source of comfort, and often encourages others to start talking too
  • Join a society. Take a look on our website at the wide range of societies available. We have everything from Go Karting and Pole Dancing, all the way through to Poetry Slam and Ukulele. Whatever you're into there's a society for you. Joining a society is a great way to meet new people and distract you from the dreaded homesickness
  • Get out of your room. It’s as simple as that! Sometimes we don’t realise that being sat in our rooms all the time can drive us a little crazy. Hang out with a flatmate, take a walk around campus or go see a movie. A change of environment can really help to lift the spirits
  • Talk to your family and friends back home. Talking to family and friends can really help - make some plans, arrange when you’re next going to see them and have something to look forward to
  • Come and see us! The Advice & Support Centre is open Monday to Friday, 10 - 4, and they are always happy to have a chat. Alternatively you can email or call us to book an appointment


All the details for our Advice & Support centre are on our website, so head over today to find out how we can help


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