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How to Look After Your Mental Health

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While at university, it can be a struggle to balance academic assignments and classes, family commitments and a social life. During this time, our mental health may be affected. This could affect our thoughts, behaviour and attitude. It is important to be mindful about our mental health, so here are our top 5 tips for self-care and gaining control of your mental health.


  1. Stay active

Research has found that exercise can help reduce symptoms of mental health disorders (https://bit.ly/2P1qEH7 ). Exercise allows our body to release endorphins to make you feel good and increase energy supplies. To keep regular endorphin levels, regular exercise is required. Regular exercise can improve your mental, physical and emotional health too.

At the University, Active Students offer a wide range of sport activities in and around the campus. They can range from table tennis to Zumba and all the activities are free to participate in. To find out more about Active Students, you can visit: https://www.hertssportsvillage.co.uk/active-students


  1. Surround yourself with good company

Having friends and family around that make you laugh and feel good may increase your mood and make you feel a bit better. With technology such as skype and facetime, it can be easier to get in contact with them (even if they are half way around the world!). Talking with loved ones can improve mental and emotional health.


  1. Manage how to deal with stress

Stress can play a huge factor into mental and emotional health. Having strategies on how to combat stress can help to alleviate stress. Whether you cope with stress via exercise, meditation or cooking, having a way to control stress is a good tool for good mental health.


  1. Seek help when you need it

‘A problem shared is a problem halved’

Speaking and sharing issues you may be concerned about can help to calm nerves. It can provide another person’s point of view and perspective on a situation you may be unsure or worried about.

Hertfordshire Students’ Union offer an advice and support centre, located on campus. They offer free, confidential and impartial advice and support on a wide range of issues. To get in contact, visit here: https://hertfordshire.su/your-support/get-advice-now/


  1. Relax

After a long day, try to find time to relax. Whether this is by meditating or playing your favourite video game, relaxing is also essential for self-care. Taking time out of a busy schedule is okay!


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