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Hunting for the perfect house? It's a piece of cake!

Think that finding the perfect student house is just all about finding one that looks alright within a close enough distance to Uni?

Ok, well those points do matter, but those aren't the only important things...There are many different things to consider when house hunting. Here is a list of things to check:

Cost: What is the deposit? Is the rent affordable? When are you expected to pay rent installments?

Location: how far is it from University? Is the area well lit? Will you feel safe walking to/from University? If you have a car, is there suitable parking?

Condition of the Property: How does the property look? Are there any signs of dampness or condensation, such as mould on the walls or carpets? Do all the lights work? Is there hot and cold running water? Does the heating work?

Furniture and Fittings: Is furniture provided? If so, what is being provided? What is the condition of the furniture? Is there adequate storage space? Are any appliances provided and are they in good condition? Does the cooker and fridge work?

Safety: Is there an in-date gas safety certificate? Have all the appliances been PAT tested in the last 12 months (look for stickers on the plugs)? Are there working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms? Is there a fire blanket in the kitchen and fire extinguishers elsewhere in the house? Is there an evacuation plan? How secure are the locks on the bedroom doors, windows and front/back doors? Does the front door have a bolt or chain?

Outside Space: Is there a garden and is it secure? Who is responsible for maintaining the garden (check the tenancy agreement)?

The Landlord/Agent: Would you feel able to approach them if anything went wrong? Will an inventory be provided when you move in? Are they PAL accredited?  Not sure, check here!

House hunting got you baffled? Then drop in to speak to the Students' Union Advice and Support Centre. We are open 10:00-16:00, Monday to Friday and can provide advice either in the Advice Centre, via telephone (01707 285022) or via e-mail (advice@hertfordshire.su). 


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