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Important things to remember when looking for a house

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Moving away from the days when if you didn’t make your bed and it would still get made? Moving away from home or leaving halls? Are you, all of a sudden, beginning to feel like an adult?

We have all been there!

So take it from those who know –

  1. Where do I even begin to look for houses?

As traumatising at this prospect might sound, there is an easier way! 

Begin by asking yourself the next few questions:

  • Will you be studying near deHav or College Lane?

  • How much can you afford for a month on rent?


  • Will bills be included in your rent?

  • What internet package is the best?


  • Do you have a UK based guarantor, if not, have you discussed your options with the agent?

Once you have these answers proceed… to look for the perfect house!