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Join us for the Wellbeing Walk today

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Join us at The Forum today (Monday) at 12.30pm as we walk across campus in bright yellow as a mark of solidarity and to highlight the issues around wellbeing. 

Hertfordshire Students Union will be providing free resources for students to make posters about their experiences so together we can #BreaktheStigma. 

Staff from the University will also be there to talk about services on offer and events that run within your school.

The Vice-Chancellor Quintin McKellar will also be in attendance to join in the walk, giving you the opportunity to meet him and ask any questions. 

Speaking about the Wellbeing Walk, he said: ‘We fully support our Student Union’s efforts today to highlight the importance of wellbeing at University and the networks, activities and events that make up the important support services we provide here at the University of Hertfordshire.  We want students to reach out for help and support and not to bottle things up, this includes letting someone know if you are worried about another student.  Good mental and physical health and wellbeing are fundamental to a student’s success in Higher Education and beyond and it is vital students have access to a range of professional, specialist support services when needed.  We have invested to increase the number of staff in our support teams and all our staff are aware of how and when to refer students to our health and wellbeing services.  Our continued priority is to ensure students have access to the right support when they need it.’

We look forward to seeing you all in yellow at The Forum later. Together we can #BreaktheStigma. 


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