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Keep Your House Safe this Christmas!

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House safety

As lot's of you will be going home for Christmas, here are some tips for what to do when leaving your house.


Ensure that you leave your house clean and tidy, empty the fridge of any food which is due to go out of date and ensure that all rubbish is put into the correct bin.  It is also worth having a general clean, especially in the kitchen and bathroom(s). It always feels much better to return to a clean and tidy house!


If you are leaving the property for a length of time over the Christmas period please ensure that the house is heated sufficiently (i.e. left on, but on low) so that pipes do not freeze and crack if the weather gets cold. If damage is caused due to negligence it will be your responsibility to cover repair costs. 


Unfortunately the Christmas period often brings an increased number of break-ins and burglaries; so ensure that the property is secure and that no valuables are left at the property.

We also suggest investing in a timer plug allowing lights/radio to come on automatically in the evening to give the illusion of people occupying the property if the property will be vacant for a period of time.

Here is some advice from Herts Police for enjoying a merry crime-free Christmas.

Have a lovely Christmas break everyone! 

Want more housing advice? Speak to the Students' Union Advice & Support Team! Visit our webpages HERE for more info.