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November: Planning Ahead

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Hey there – looking forward to the Christmas break? I can't stop thinking that its almost 2020 – so weird!  
This month I’ve been organising my work-focus timeline so I can be more efficient on what i want to achieve during the rest of my sabbatical year. This is my timeline: 

Printing credit:  
Got 70 signs on my petition for an annual student printing credit so far and I plan to combine that data with the student comments, some research on value for money regarding tuition fees, and a proposal for annual printing credit based on all the research – to be presented to UH senior management soon!  
Link to petition: https://hertfordshire.su/your-say/hertsempowerment/?idea=53#idea53 

Room booking on studynet:  
I have reviewed all the rooms available to book on the study room booking site on studynet and drew up this chart based on my findings: 

I sent it over to the people that run studynet and asked if this image could be included on the room booking site on studynet, so you can book the perfect room for your group study needs by knowing what is available in the rooms. I also asked if we can provide white board pens for students to borrow. They said they will be in touch with me ??         

Publish and promote the timetables survey so the uni can know what style of timetables you guys want. 

Trans-gender inclusivity for social and healthcare degrees at UH:  
The staff in the School of Health and Social care have been so responsive and on board with my suggestion that our nursing and social work degrees should educate on the service and understanding required for trans individuals. They have told me to send them resources which would guide the addition to what they teach in regard to inclusive practice as a nurse/social worker, so I need to do that. I realized this is not a job to be left until the last hour of a working day. I want to go back to the department with a streamlined and relevant set of resources which they can embed into their teaching - I hope I can achieve this.      

Do whatever I didn’t finish in December. Be around at refreshers. Make another “How your modules turn into an overall degree grade” diagram which can sufficiently cover all degree cases. 

February (campaigns and events!):  
I have been working on a week-long set of activities for the first week of February in celebration of World Hijab Day (February the 1st). The focus is on promoting discussions around intersectional feminism, integration of BAME women students in HE, open dialogue about Islamic practices between Muslims and non-Muslims and generally having fun on campus with a positive campaign :) 

Also, I am planning a network event for undergrads and master's students to get to know PhD students so that they can learn how to get into academia and what that student experience is like ?? I think the uni could do more in encouraging students to do further study courses and I want to contribute to that ?? 

STAG Awards. I need to get the right branding ready for the Student-led Teaching Achievement Gold Awards and decide on all the award titles available for nominations ?? So excited! 

Also, I have been working on expanding the Autism Awareness Week campaign (first week of April) with loads of fun, creative and educational activities - the staff support for this has been AMAZING and I believe we are planning for a very effective and impactful week for Autism Awareness :) 

Year long

The Debate Club has turned into a twice a week occurrence, as the committee of the Philosophy Society has approached me to joint organise with them a debate every Wednesday on a topic that is being covered by Philosophy students that week. So far we have covered mind-body dualism and the politics of firearms, as you can see here: 


The PhilSoc debates have been cool and I hope they are benefiting the philosophy students' studies. 
The traditional Thursday debates have been getting better and better! I really enjoyed the discussions and how fiery they got this month! Looking forward to the December debates ??  see you there! 

Until next time, take care,  
Zaina Hakim 
Please email me on: z.hakim@herts.ac.uk


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