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Physiotherapy Students praised for volunteering at Winter Wonderwheels Disability Sports Event

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Thirty physiotherapy student volunteers from the University were key cogs in the first ever Winter Wonderwheels event, which attracted more than 500 disabled sports enthusiasts and was held on the International Day of Disability.

Winter Wonderwheels is part of the SuperheroSeries which has been created specifically to allow anyone with disabilities and an interest in sport the chance to cycle, walk, run, push, or anything in between on 1km, 5km and 10km challenges.

The student volunteers were praised by creator of the event, Paralympian Sophie Warner, who said: “The physiotherapy student volunteers from the University of Hertfordshire, by far the largest group we had, were invaluable as their specialist training meant they understood how to lift and best help our athletes.”

The student volunteers, known as Sidekicks had a variety of responsibilities that included answering any of the athletes or spectators questions, cheering on the athletes and directing them to the correct path on the course.

Sean Adnett, a third year student describes how the event showed how, “despite having a disability you can be incredibly able to do remarkable things”.

“The atmosphere was indescribable”, said Jasmine Ruscoe, a first year student and Charted Society of Physiotherapy student representative.

Another student volunteer, Skye-Lucia Moore, described how the event had a truly, “inclusive approach” and how she came away from the event, “feeling inspired by the amazing para-athletes who gave it their all”.

Overall, Skye discussed how she believed the experience is something that she would, “recommend to any student”. Fred Paine, a second year Physiotherapy student also said that they, “found the event thoroughly enjoyable and will definitely be putting myself forward to volunteer again”.

To find out more about volunteering at Herts please click the link provided.


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