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Reps and SCO of the month

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It's important to highlight success and this month we have a wealth of it. Below are some of our best representatives we have to offer and we want to give them the title of Rep/SCO of the month!

'Business Rep of the Month' for January is: 

Andrew Siebel - International Management. Andrew was nominated by his SCO for his commitment to bring students on his programme together, working well with others and creating a fantastic newsletter for TABSA students. 

 'Computer Science Rep of the Month' for January is: 

Yasmin Arooran – Computer Science. We received SO much useful feedback from Yasmin this month; particularly in relation to timetabling issues and delays in receiving assignment feedback. 

 'Creative Arts Rep of the Month' for January is: 

Lucy Moyse - Illustration. Lucy gathered feedback and raised issues not just on their programme but across the School regarding space and printing. 

'Education Rep of the Month' for January is:

Daneka Shimmin - BEd Primary Education. Alongside some suggested changes, Daneka highlighted the positives aspects of her programmes such as assignments designed with purpose and useful links with the teaching profession. This was really pleasing for us to hear about! 

'Engineering and Technology Rep of the Month' for January is: 

Aryman Tiwari - BEng Automotive Engineering with Motorsports. Aryman made some excellent contributions during our top-up training session in January and has supported students on an individual basis during his time at a student rep.  

'Health and Social Work Rep of the Month' for January is:

Lance Pabunan - BSc Radiography and Imaging. Lance also made some excellent comments during our training session and demonstrated a clear commitment to representing the student voice. 

'Law School Rep of the Month' for January is:

Megan Rowlands - Criminology and Criminal Justice. Megan was previously nominated for Student Rep of the Month and has outlined the positives of the Law School. 

'Life and Medical Sciences Rep of the Month' for January is:

Fahima Choudbury - Biomedical Science. Fahima ensured that her peers were not affected by 'clustering' whereby too many deadlines are given in a short space of time. 

'Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics Rep of the Month' for January is:

Summer Haverson - Astrophysics. Summer picks up the award again for PAM! Summer was complimentary about the content associated with Semester B but also identified that motivation can sometimes be an issue for students moving forward. 

Finally 'School Community Organiser (SCO) of the Month' deserves special recognition:

Louis Filer - Business School. Louis is our second winner from the Business School! He has been consistent, engagement and passionate throughout his time as a SCO and is an excellent advocate for the role. 

Special thanks to everyone mentioned and anyone that helped out with each of these achievements. Each month these are handed out to show that work that goes above and beyond is much appreciated especially when it makes life easier for the rest of us.

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