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Reps and SCO of the month

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It's important to highlight success and this month we have a wealth of it. Below are some of our best representatives we have to offer and we want to give them the title of Rep/SCO of the month!

'Business Rep of the Month' for November is: 

Nidhi Hiremath - MSc International Business. For their work regarding timetabling issues and supporting students who are facing financial issues.

 'Computer Science Rep of the Month' for November is: 

Mahmud Rafat Khan – BSc Computer Science. Mahmud was successful for this month because of his proactive approach to gathering feedback and trying to introduce fairer timetables.

 'Creative Arts Rep of the Month' for November is: 

Saif Bayoumi - BA Architecture. This is because of the work that went into ensuring that students had adequate access to software; as well as his engagement with Students' Union events. 

'Education Rep of the Month' for November is:

Leah Parsons - Early Childhood Education. For being incredibly proactive and engaging with Students' Union events. 

'Engineering and Technology Rep of the Month' for November is: 

Simson Correya - Mechatronics. Simson was successfyl because they gathered a range of feedback ranging from timetable, modular issues, course content and of course, buses.

'Humanities/Joint Honours Rep of the Month' for November is:

Aadya Mukhi - Law and Psychology. This is because of her introducing drop-in sessions in order to help overcome modular issues. 

'Law School Rep of the Month' for November is:

 Romana Munir – Law (LLB). For ensuring that online lecturers are fit for purpose and support students' learning.

'Life and Medical Sciences Rep of the Month' for November is:

Lucy Mackintosh - Psychology. Lucy was successful for her engagement at Students' Union events and her innovative methods of gathering feedback through Studynet. 

'Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics Rep of the Month' for November is:

Aoife Simpson – Physics and Astrophysics. For making sure that students have sufficient access to computers for their studies.

Finally 'School Community Organiser (SCO) of the Month' deserves special recognition:

Fabienne Suhling – For all of her incredible ideas and ability to make change across the Business. 

Special thanks to everyone mentioned and anyone that helped out with each of these achievements. Each month these are handed out to show that work that goes above and beyond is much appreciated especially when it makes life easier for the rest of us.

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