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STAG Awards Winners

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The STAG Awards (Student Teaching Achievement Gold Awards) are an opportunity for students to reward and recognise staff at the University of Hertfordshire who go above and beyond for students. The awards give you the chance to show appreciation to lecturers or support staff, and show that their work and commitment doesn’t go unnoticed.

Congratulations to all those who won and were nominated we hope you had an amazing evening

Best Support Staff

'Every other student I have spoken to agrees that she is the best career advisor they have ever met. If it weren't for her, PAM would not have links to such high-quality internships, and there would be no one to turn to for specialist advice. She works hard on improving the graduate skills module and truly values student feedback. She has probably single-handedly increased the employment rate for the School.'

Winner: Janice Hart

Highly Commended: Sulaman Sunny


Best Feedback and Communication:

'This lecturer always goes above and beyond for our class. Particularly with our final year assignment in Semester A. He made sure he as available to see us if we had any queries or misunderstandings about the assignment and even booked 3 drop-in sessions for us to use. The guidance on the assignment was brilliant at steering us in the right direction if we didn’t understand what was expected of us.This has left us in a positive position for the upcoming exams, Thank you!'

Winner: James Jenkins

Highly Commended: Ceri Houlbrook


Best Inclusive Practice:

'I would like to nominate Chris for Best Inclusive Practice for his tireless work on decolonising the curriculum. I was working on a project with him this year regarding this and saw first hand how much effort and thought Chris puts into making his teaching enjoyable and relevant for BAME students. Chris teaches an English Literature module called Black Lives Matter and I think that he is a great asset for the university and very much deserves this award. BAME content in teaching is notoriously neglected in the UK, especially within the humanities department, and it is academics like Chris who work so hard to make things equal and fair for everyone.'

Winner: Christopher Lloyd


Best Student Teacher:

'Alex is an extremely passionate student teacher within the Geography department. Her lectures are always very interesting and topical and the interactive aspects always engage students. She is always there to help students and answer their questions and has been a very memorable part of my degree. She has been on many trips with students and is always there to help and participate with the students. Her dedication and the amount of work she has put into to her PhD is inspiring and I hope to put the same dedication into my own project.'

Winner: Alex Buckland-Stubbs

Highly Commended: John Tolladay


Best Supervisor:

'Tina is the definition of the perfect supervisor. Tina has supervised me now on two professional qualifications, my final year module in my undergraduate and now on my postgraduate dissertation. This has always been by luck that I was assigned to Tina but wow, what luck I have had.Thank you Tina for being so amazing. You've supported me for so long across all modes and level of study. I can't thank you enough.'

Winner: Martina Thompson

Highly Commended: Rebecca Sawiuk


Best Teacher Award for the School of Humanities

'Darren has not only brightened my day every time he enters class, but he also makes it known that he is really listening to what I have to say, it may be in class matters or out of class maters. He expects only the best from me but so helps me get up when I beat myself down with my own expectations. He has genuinely made my university experience so much better just by showing enthusiasm for a subject and by truely listening to our queries. I sometimes come into lesson with a defeated attitude but come out of it having hope for the future and how I can benefit myself.'

Winner: Darren Elliott-Smith

Highly Commended: Cathy Lonngren-Sampaio


Best Teacher Award for the School of Law

'Monika is a teacher who far transcends just teaching. This year I had the pleasure of having Monika teach me Equity and Trusts Law (which is arguably the most difficult course in law). Every week Monika was patient with us and made sure that every single one of her students understood what was happening in the class. She could just look at us and tell we were confused and would go over it again. She never minded staying late to teach us what we needed to learn. And above all she made us feel as though we could do it. She always encouraged us and praised our work ethic which made the students of her class work even harder.

Monika isn't someone who looks or cares for recognition, she cares for her students, but I personally believe (as do many other final year students in law) that she deserves the recognition for all over her hard work and for the extra level of care given to her students.'

Winner: Monika Baronak-Atkins

Highly Commended: Rebecca Mason


Best Teacher Award for the School of Life and Medical Sciences

'Mike is described by his students as an admirable, inspirational and knowledgeable teacher. He lectures in a very interesting and engaging way that brings his students interest and understanding for cognitive psychology. Apart from encouraging us to do the extra reading by telling stories behind making of theories and demonstrating the theories in practice, he also engages his student through the use of media, - online polls and student quiz website. Mike is very approachable, he encourages us to ask good questions and research deeper on the subject, and he is a great lecturer, that through compassion and devotion for his subject inspires his students to reach for more knowledge and work harder.'

Winner: Michael Page

Highly Commended: Margareta Nikolic


Best Teacher Award for the School of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics 

'Jim is always happy to go the extra mile to help out students. He is unbelievably generous with his time and always available to give extra help when needed. In addition he is always calm and reassuring; when I leave his lectures I always feel that everything is OK and that what I thought was impossible is actually within my reach.'

Winner: James Collett

Highly Commended: Sean Ryan


Best Teacher Award for the School of Health and Social Work

Kate Morrow goes above and beyond to support her students, and an absolute credit to the University of Hertfordshire.
Kate's academic skills as a teacher are positively outstanding, and her ability to adapt her teaching skills to suit the needs of her students is extremely creative and simply unique. 
It takes a special type of person to capture the attention and respect of an entire cohort as it is certainly not an easy thing to do. Kate Morrow is well-known throughout the cohort for being empathetic, supportive and truly acts as an advocate for students. Kate's nursing career certainly shines through her teaching, and I for one am proud to have been taught by her. Thank you Kate.'

Winner: Kate Morrow

Highly Commended: Teresa Groves


Best Teacher Award for the School of Engineering and Computer Science

'Patrick has consistently provided incredibly enthusiastic and insightful lectures. He is also very approachable at all times and happy to talk about concerns with the course. He has also provided help to the Formula Student team and has a very good attitude to teaching and learning.'

Winner: Patrick Sheen

Highly Commended: Sagar Patel

Highly Commended: Gani Nashi


Best Teacher Award for the School of Education

'An inspiring, enthusiastic and passionate teacher. He always shows true interest in his teaching and goes beyond the workshop material to have further discussions on topics of interest from the students. He is a fantastic role model to a class of trainee teachers and is always finding new material to suggest to read to expand our continual professional development. He creates a safe, positive learning environment where all students are encouraged to participate and even brings rewards of home-made jam on the odd occasion! He is always willing to listen to every trainee's struggles, developing personal relationships with each trainee and tries to help in any way he can.  A massive thanks for everything this year!'

Winner: David Ingledew

Highly Commended: Nancy Small


Best Teacher Award for the School of Creative Arts

'Dr Ivan Phillips is an incredible person who has provided excellent support over the three years I’ve studied in this university! He is an outstanding teacher, respected and admired by his students and peers! He does not only have in-depth knowledge of the field he teaches, he delivers that information in an engaging, interesting way! He is empathetic, approachable and humble, and I wish more teachers were more like Ivan!'

Winner: Ivan Phillips

Highly Commended: Silvio Carta


Best Teacher Award for the Hertfordshire Business School

'Pfavai is an amazing leader and teacher. She is extremely passionate about her job and seeing her students succeed. Pfavai is also very supportive and inspires her students to work to the best of their ability.'

Winner: Pfavai Nyajeka

Highly Commended: Lesley Glass



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