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Stag Awards Shortlist

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We are pleased to announce our shortlist for the STAG Awards! The STAG Awards (Student Teaching Achievement Gold Awards) are an opportunity for students to reward and recognise staff at the University of Hertfordshire who have gone above and beyond on their behalf. Hundreds of students voted nominated staff who they believed deserved this recognition and here is the final shortlist.


Best Support Staff

Nicholas Waters

Sulaman Sunny

Janice Hart

Joanne McDowell


Best Feedback and Communication

Sam Coleman

Ceri Houlbrook

James Jenkins

Jane Fletcher

Charlotte Gautrey


Best Inclusive Practice

Christopher Lloyd

Festus Oderanti

Azma Siddiqui


Best Student Teacher

Ian Wyn Owen

Akex Buckland-Stubbs

Thomas Clendon

John Tolladay


Best Supervisor

Richard Southern

Alan Clark

Martina Thompson

Ciara Meehan

Rebecca Sawiuk

Kim Akass


Best Teacher Award for the School of Humanities

Joanne McDowell

Cathy Lonngren-Sampaio

Simon Vinnicombe

Darren Elliott-Smith

Benjamin Wheeler


Best Teacher Award for the School of Law

Neal Geach

Steve Goulton

Monika Baronak-Atkins

Melissa Skelhorn

Rebecca Mason


Best Teacher Award for the School of Life and Medical?

Margareta Nikolic

Scott Copsey

Michael Page

Daniel Buckley

Adam Barker


Best Teacher Award for the School of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics 

Sean Ryan

James Collett

Salah Beddiaf

Colin Defrietas


Best Teacher Award for the School of Health and Social work

Louise Hadley

Theresa Groves

Kate Morrow

Lynne Stracey

Debra Fearns


Best Teacher Award for the School of Engineering and Computer Science

Peter Thomas

Thomas Baker

Patrick Sheen

Joanna Rawska

Sagar Patel

Gani Nashi

Pamela Green


Best Teacher Award for the School of Education

David Ingledew

David Allen

Kate Voss

John Mower

Nancy Small


Best Teacher Award for the School of Creative Arts

Silvio Carta

Martin Bowman

Ivan Phillips

Howard Berry

Nick Lovegrove


Best Teacher Award for the School of Business

Pfavai Nyajeka

Thomas Clendon

Lesley Glass

Rexford Obeng

Marianna Dorking

Alethea Bradley


Here is some further information on the criteria for each category that was given to students:



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