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Student-Led Teaching Awards 2018: Shortlist

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We're excited to announce the official shortlist for the Student-Led Teaching Awards 2018!

Inspirational Teacher: School of Health and Social Work

Phil Withers

Mark Millar

Kate Morrow

Donwyn Lynch

Chaz Simpson

Maggie Jones

Louise Hadley

Dr Muna Sabbagh

Diane Owen

Bernie Nipper

Inspirational Teacher: School of Humanities

Ciara Meehan

Christopher Lloyd

Jennifer Evans

Emma Battell-Lowman

Craig Bourne

Augustin Rico-Albero

Inspirational Teacher: School of Law

Neal Geach

Muna Sabbagh

Heather Crook

Sophie Tarassenko

Henry Pearce

Steve Goulton

Dr Virginie Barral

Janet Barlow

Monika Baronak-Atkins

Inspirational Teacher: School of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics

Kuldeep Singh

Inspirational Teacher: School of Computer Science

Pamela Green

Inspirational Teacher: Hertfordshire Business School

Georgios Katechos

Tassos Patokos

Dominic Keating

David Ogle

Arjuna Kanakaratnam

Jullian De Villez

Rex Obeng

Madeline Tan

Sarah Snell

Inspirational Teacher: School of Engineering and Technology

Dr. Imran Patel

Collin DeFreitas

Thomas Baker

Dr Mose Bevilacqua

Joanne Rawska

Leonine Kunzwa

Inspirational Teacher: School of Education

Lewis Stockwell

Gosia Hirst

Kate Voss

John Mower

David Allen

Garca Martins

Lynn Bhania

Timothy Roberts

Inspirational Teacher: School of Creative Arts

Alex Baxter

Mark Wallman

Neil Gallagher

Ross Landau

Martin Bowman

Ian Hunter

Frank Victoria

Howard Berry

Inspirational Teacher: Life and Medical Sciences

Chantel Helm

Dr Michael Cook

Nicholas Shipp

Dr David Turner

Susanna Mason

Outstanding Personal Tutor

Bernadette Nipper

Peter Ross

Ernestien Ndzi

Lynn Vos

Caroline Robinson

Colin Malcolm

Best Support Staff

Aiden Bygrave

Georgia Wrighton

Clinton Wilson

Karen Ann Coombs

Stephen Pack

Ernestine Ndzi

Best Feedback and Communication

Susan Murray

Richard Balawender

Raj Ghandi

Alastair Curry

Mandy Phillips

Best Research Guidance

Ian Spurr

Lily Meng

Doug Warner

Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience

Hema Turner

Louise Hadley

Christopher Ademuwagun

Janet Barlow

Phillip Porter

Steve Bennett

Muna Sabbagh



Muhammad Sajid
5:12pm on 2 Apr 18 SO HAPPY FOR THEM . in the school of engineering DR Mose*** name is typed wrong, its mentioned as DR Most. My FAV are Dr. Imran Patel Dr Mose Bevilacqua :) :)
Muhammad Choudhury
12:24am on 2 Apr 18 This is a great initiative and I'm looking forward to seeing our amazing teaching staff receive the recognition they deserve!
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