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Taking a policy to NUS Conference 2020

About the process

Every year the National Union of Students hosts a National Conference. The NUS delegates (elected in October at Herts) attend this with the President. At the conference, delegates across the country are allowed to bring policies and motions (very similar to the ones that come to our council), and if these get voted for, it is mandatory for National Officers to lobby for them.

This year they restricted the number of policies that can be discussed at the conference: only top 8 out of the total (19) goes to the conference. We as Hertfordshire Students' Union submitted a policy which was merged with some similar policies from Exeter and Nottingham Trent. It was among the top 3/4 policies out of the 19 and is now being discussed at National Conference. The proposers of the policies were asked the do a 30 sec speech so that delegates can vote to decide if the NUS should be lobbying for it nationally.

Watch our joint speech with other unions here

About the policy 

The proposal discusses the financial, academic and other welfare issues international students are facing in a post-Brexit UK. It argues that international students deserve an equitable experience to home students. It outlines a number of solutions that should become standardised across the HE sector to improve international students’ lives. These include reforms to tuition fees, employability, accommodation, visas, student engagement and research into the experience of international students to inform further decision making.

The full proposal can be read here

Update - Our joint proposal passed and it is now mandatory for NUS officers to lobby for it! 


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