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The future (of NUS) is female!

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Last week I joined 7 of the University of Hertfordshire NUS (National Union of Students) delegates at a 3-day annual NUS conference, hosted in Glasgow, Scotland. Our NUS delegates are voted by you and they represent the University of Hertfordshire, debating and voting on the motions and the next elected officers of NUS. NUS is the National Union of Students, representing students across the UK and lobbying for change in universities, councils and governments. Hertfordshire Students’ Union are 1 of around 600 Students' Unions that are affiliated with NUS, accounting for more than 95% of all Higher and Further Education Unions in the UK.

During this annual conference, a number of representatives, ranging from 1-10 delegates per Union, will debate and vote on which campaigns/policies they want NUS to prioritise. They will also vote on the five elected officers within NUS including the President, Vice President Higher Education, Vice President Further Education, Vice President Union Development and Vice President Welfare.       

Our delegates helped to pass motions such as for sexist language to be considered a hate speech, securing continued trans representation in NUS and approved a reform which aims to financially stabilise NUS. We also voted on the next elected NUS officers for 2019-2020 and they will be:

  • NUS National President – Zamzam Ibrahim
  • NUS Vice-President Further Education – Juliana Mohammed Noor
  • NUS Vice-President Higher Education - Claire Smith
  • NUS Vice-President Welfare - Eva Crossan Jory
  • NUS Vice-President Union Development -  Erica Ramos

For the first time in NUS history we will have an all-female team!

Their names from the right-hand side to the left: Claire Smith, Juliana Mohammed Noor, Zamzam Ibrahim, Erica Ramos, Eva Crossan Jory

Here are some of the priorities of each newly elected officer:

  • President elect, Zamzam Ibrahim: Free Education, re-introducing Education Maintenance Allowance, bringing back the post-study work visa
  • VP Further Education elect, Juliana Mohammed Noor: the BAME attainment gap in Further Education, tackle the cuts to funding into FE colleges
  • VP Higher Education elect, Claire Smith: fighting back against the Prevent Legislation, decolonize universities, better mental health services for students
  • VP Welfare elect, Eva Crossan Jory: fairer student rent, fighting sexual harassment on campus, better GP access for students
  • VP Union Development elect, Erica Ramos: Right to remain for EU students, review the TOTUM card branding and returning to the NUS Card brand, more accessible accountability measures for NUS elected officers

I don’t know about you – but I think we’re in safe hands!

I was particularly ecstatic to hear of the result of NUS President will be Zamzam. I met Zamzam a few times during my officer year and have always been so inspired by her passion and work as student leader. She has been an awesome Vice President Society and Citizenship of NUS this year and will be an amazing president. I had so much faith in her that I joined her lovely campaign team – I did it for us Herts students because we deserve the best President for our National Union!


If you have any questions about how you can get involved with NUS, you can check out their website, talk to an officer or the Voice team in our College Lane SU office, or email me on z.hakim@herts.su.uk

NUS delegates of Herts SU getting ready for conference:

Herts NUS delegates showing their solidarity for an NUS Trans campaign:

#NUSNC19 buzz:

Thank you for reading,

Zaina Hakim

Your President - Education



Light Okoh-Peter
6:43am on 2 May 19 Thanks for this Ziana And Thanks for being the best V.P education ever.
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