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Top 10 Tips for Meeting an Employer

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Top 10 Tips for Meeting an Employer

During your first meeting with a potential employer be it at a workshop, an information session or an employer event, you need to make a good first impression. So think ahead about how to get the most out of the occasion:
  1. Be prepared: do basic research into the company before meeting the employer or attending an event; think about the questions you would like to ask - these should be appropriate to the company representative you meet eg. HR representative or current trainee
  2. Effective introductions: think in advance about how to briefly introduce yourself if you get a chance to speak to an employer on a one to one: name, course, career interest
  3. Dress appropriately: consider the event/meeting and what to wear; unless it is an interview, smart casual is probably best but always clean with brushed hair, clean teeth, clean shoes
  4. Mobile to silent: either switch your mobile phone off or to silent
  5. Be on time: if it is a workshop and you cannot help being late, then enter the room quietly and try not to let the door slam
  6. Ask questions: it shows you are interested and you may find out key information to assist you with the recruitment process or career choice; but time your questions appropriately and don’t interrupt
  7. Share the employer’s time: don’t monopolise them; remember they are there to meet all students
  8. Be business-like: friendly but polite: smile, introduce yourself and shake their hand; keep a reasonable distance and respect personal space
  9. Leaving early: either let the employer know in advance if it is a small group event or if it is a large group sit near the door, leave quietly.
  10. Thank them for their time: whether this be on a one to one, a round of applause at the end of a talk or a quick email later if they spent considerable time talking to you

N.B: The information on this webpage is correct as of August 2016.


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