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Why should you vote in the Students’ Union Elections?

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Hertfordshire Students’ Union Elections are a chance for YOU to vote for who you want to see make a positive change to YOUR university experience. Are you wondering why you should vote? Then, read on!


How will the Elections affect me?

The Officers you choose lead the way for positive change in YOUR student experience. They will represent YOU and may even lobby for changes in matters that will affect you most. You want to ensure the right people, for you, are put in those roles!


What do the Elected Officers do?

President – The ULTIMATE student voice, they work with all other officers and senior people within the University to improve your student experience.

VP Education – Work to improve and develop academic life at Herts.

VP Community – Work with multiple teams to ensure there is a strong community at Herts.

VP Activities – Works to improve student life on campus by organising more social, cultural and sports events.


What have the Elected Officers actually achieved?

Current Elected Officers have achieved a lot during their time in the Students’ Union:

  • The first esports room was made in Newton Court accommodation hall.
  • Revival of some societies
  • New streetlights near The Key on College Lane Campus
  • Extending the timetable of UNO buses at night, especially for big events
  • Launch of Wellbeing Wednesdays programme


I’m a final year student. Why should I bother voting if I won’t be here next year?

Think about it, for a moment. You have been at University of Hertfordshire for a number of years. How much fun have you had here? How many good memories have you had? It’s likely that the some of the fun and good memories are down to past Elected Officers who have improved your student experience!

So, vote for who you think will make positive changes for current and new students, who will go through a similar experience to you! Plus, as Herts alumni, you want your University to be recognised for all the good things it does, right?


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