Black History Month

Every October people across the UK come together to celebrate Black History Month which highlights and celebrates the achievements of the Black community.

Here at Hertfordshire Students’ Union we learn, honour and celebrate the achievements of the black community throughout history, as well as celebrating different cultures from Africa and Asia to the Middle East and Caribbean. We’ve been working with a number of societies to host a month of events that are available to all of our students, including a film night, food menus and opportunities to meet with societies.

Cynthia, your Vice President Democracy and Services, has recently spoken about Black History Month, saying 'many people wonder why we only celebrate black history during one month in the year, arguing that it is something that should be recognised all year round. In an ideal world educational establishments and national curriculum should fully recognise and appreciate the contribution of black people throughout history, however, unfortunately this is not always the case.

Black History Month, celebrated in the U.K. since 1987 and was founded by a man named Akyaaba Addai Sebbo to celebrate the impact of the black community in the history of the world.

Black history month aims to raise the profile of Black and Ethnic Minority experience, heritage and culture in particular (but not exclusively) African-Caribbean arts, culture and history.'

We have put on a full schedule of events to celebrate Black History Month. These events are open to everyone, including non-students.

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