Hertfordshire Students' Union is governed by various committees and meetings, some of which you can attend and speak in. See below for meetings where you can come along, have your say and set the direction of your Students' Union.


The Student Council discusses issues affecting students, votes on policy that sets the direction of the Students' Union and ensures that your Elected Officers are doing what you elected them to do! Student Council is made up of elected students - at the beginning of each meeting there will also be an election of five additional students to vote and discuss issues.

Documents from meetings this year can be found here.

Annual Members' Meeting

The Annual Members Meeting is your opportunity to have your say about how Hertfordshire Students' Union is run, its strategic direction and its policies. The Annual Members' Meeting typically follows the same format as the Students Ideas Forum, but includes the Students' Union's annual report and financial statements.  As with the Student Council, the Annual Members' Meeting is open to all students at the University of Hertfordshire. 

Click here for the minutes of the Annual Members' Meeting.

Click here for the results of the election of a student to the Academic Board. 

Past meeting documents

Click below to read documents from previous meetings.

For more information on Student Ideas Forum or the Annual Members' Meeting, please email the Students' Union's Representation team at
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