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Battle of The Campuses


Battle of the Campuses gives you the chance to represent the campus you study on in a series of events. Each event is an opportunity for you to win points for your campus. By the end of the year, we'll know which campus is the real MVP!

What is Battle of The Campuses?

B.O.C is an annual tournament held between the universities main two campuses College Lane and De Havilland

Which team am I on?

Your team is determined by the campus you study on.

Current Points Scored:

Team College Lane     VS     Team De Havilland

20 points                              25 points

Upcoming events

When do B.O.C events occur?

There are 6 B.O.C events this year

September - Escape Room

October - Haunted Forest

November - Term Tournament

February - Speed Quizzing

March - Lip Sync

April - The Final Battle

Do I have to pay to join in?

Nope! B.o.C is free and anyone who is a student is welcome to participate.

How do the points work?

You'll be given a Battle of The Campuses card when you attend your first event. This card will help you keep track of how many points you are tallying. Events can range from 10pts to 25pts.

How do I know who wins?

At the end of the academic year a final B.O.C event will be held, this will be both of the campuses last chance to score some crucial points. At the end, the winning campus will be announced and receive the Battle of the Campuses trophy.

Escape Room: COMPLETED

Winners: College Lane!

Past Events



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