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Battle of the Campuses

Are you Team College Lane or Team De Havilland?

During your time at the University of Hertfordshire you will automatically associate you to either one of our campuses; College Lane or De Havilland. This may be down to which campus you live on, where most of your lectures take place or where you simply feel more at home. Battle of the Campuses gives you the chance to fight for your campus in a series of events, games and competitions throughtout the academic year, with all points going towards deciding which campus truly is the greatest.


Current Points are as follows:

College Lane (32), De Havilland (11)


The Halls Reps and Residental Assistants work hard to ensure that you have a range of activities to take part in. There are weekly sports activities, and also a range of one-off events that you can participate in!

Most events are free to enter and take part in, however there are some events that are aimed at raising money for charity in the process. In this case you may be asked to make a small donation to take part, or a fee to enter a team in a tournament for example. 


Upcoming Events:


Are you interested in having some more fun after the Easter break? Come to the EleHouse on the 17th April and join us for some fun challenges and competitions. Yes, there is free food and free booze involved.

There will be several challenges, such as Flip the Cup, How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth? and Jelly Beans Spooning. Your lovely Vice President for Activities will guide you through those fun competitions, so you can trust me, this evening will be hilarious.

If you don't feel like going on the stage and stuffing food in your mouth and downing drinks, you can always play Beerpong or try to conquer the Tumbling Jenga or play some amazing Board Games. And if you still think that there is something missing from that evening, don't worry, we also have karaoke after all this fun. 

Past events and activities

Check back regularly for updates!

Sorry there are currently no events scheduled, please check back soon!


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