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Battle of the Campuses


Are you Team College Lane or Team De Havilland?

During your time at UH you will find that you automatically associate yourself to one of our campuses. This may be down to which campus you live on, where most of your lectures take place or even where you feel more at home. Battle of the Campuses gives you the chance to represent your campus in a series of events, games and competitions throughout the year. You have the chance to win points for your campus! At the end of the year we'll know which campus truly is the greatest.


Current Points are as follows:
College Lane (32), De Havilland (11)



The Halls Reps and Resident Assistants work hard to ensure that you have a range of activities to take part in. There are weekly sports activities and a range of one-off events that you can participate in! Most events are free to enter and take part in, however there are some events that are aimed at raising money for charity in the process. In this case you may be asked to make a small donation to take part, or a fee to enter a team in a tournament for example. 


Upcoming Events:



Past Events:



Check back regularly for updates!

Sorry there are currently no events scheduled, please check back soon!