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Society Elections


What are society elections?

Society elections are the process by which a group of students are fairly appointed as leaders of their society. The successful candidates will run the society the following academic year.


Why should I run?

As a democratic organisation, it’s crucial that all of our leaders are elected into position. This includes our society committee members. For your society to be successful next year it will need a committee that’ll be responsible for running it. Since it’s compulsory that every committee has a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, the Students’ Union will be running elections for these positions. We run the elections through our website as that way it's accessible to everyone and we can ensure only paid members of a society are able to run/vote. If your society doesn't fulfil the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer positions, it is at risk of disaffiliation. This could mean your society won't be active next year. Keep your society afloat by running for a committee role!


Can I run?

Those who would like to run for a committee position must be a paid member of the given society and a student in the next academic year. Eligible students will have a two week window in which to nominate themselves.


Can I vote?

Only paid members of a society can vote for that society's future committee. Eligible students will have a week in which to vote.


Round 3 Dates



Friday 25th May (10:00) - Friday 15th June (10:00)


Friday 15th June (11:00) - Friday 22nd June (11:00)


Society Committee Elections 2018 [Round 3]

Society Committee Elections 2018. Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are compulsory roles. Additional roles can be elected in too.

196 posts are up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls are open and will close at 11:00 on Friday 22 June 2018 (in 43 hours)

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Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.
Candidate List
See who's running for each post and read their manifestos.

If you are a member of a society and the nominations for that society are not visible please contact societies@hertfordshire.su 

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