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How are Activities Funded?

The Students’ Union has a pot of money which is designated specifically to invest in the progression and development of Societies and Student-led Volunteering Projects.

There are three different rounds of funding throughout the year (roughly in October, January and April), any student groups may apply for up to £1000 over the course of the three funding periods. This can be made up of different applications, for example for all three rounds you could apply for £500, or you could apply for £1000 for just one round of funding.  For each application you can make multiple requests to support a variety of projects up to a maximum of £1000 in total each year.

Once any funding application forms are received and the deadline has ended the forms are then given to the Society Funding Committee. This committee is made up of student volunteers and Full-Time Elected Officers. This group decides which societies/applications the money is distributed to; this is decided against a set of criteria (see below).

  • The Committee will take into account the number of members in a society, the minimum number of members a society should have is 15. This is to ensure that societies are developing and that the funding will benefit a number of students rather than 3 or 4
  • The committee will also look at how the society will benefit from the funding and whether it will help to increase their experiences. They will be looking at whether the applications are investing in equipment which will enable societies to meet their objectives such as:
  • Costumes
  • Musical Instruments
  • Promotional materials
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Technical Equipment
  • This also relates to whether the funding will allow the society to increase their memberships and also opportunities resulting in a long term development of the society.
  • Society committees must have met with their Student Engagement Coordinator.

Depending on how much money is designated each year, there is a set amount of money to share out per funding round.  Due to the number of societies and whether their applications meet our requirements we cannot promise that societies will be given their requested full amounts.

Societies will be notified either way whether they are successful or unsuccessful in their applications.

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