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How are Activities Funded?


The Students’ Union has a pot of money designed to be invested in the development/progression of Societies and Student-Led Volunteering Projects.



Throughout the year there are 3 different rounds of funding that these Student Groups can apply for. They normally fall in October, January and April.
Each Student Group can apply for up to £1,000 over the course of the three funding periods. More than one application can be submitted by each Student Group, i.e. you might apply for £500 in October, £300 in January and £200 in April. Alternatively, you can apply for the whole £1,000 in one round.


Society Funding Application Forms must be submitted by the stated deadline. Once this has passed, the Society Funding Committee will review each application one by one. The committee is comprised of students, our Vice President Activities and Student Engagement Manager. This panel decides what money is distributed where, if any. This is decided against a set of criteria which can be found below.



There are 3 key considerations that our committee will take into account...


     1. How many students will this benefit? The student group will only be eligible for additional funding if they have a minimum of 15 members, so to ensure that the money is benefitting as many students as possible
     2. How will the students benefit? The additional funding must be able to a) increase membership and/or b) enhance the experience of its members
     3. How sustainable are the benefits? Unfortunately the pot of money isn't there to be used for krisy kremes for a committee meeting. However, if the committee feel that what you're applying for will be either reusable or beneficial in the long-term, it's more likely to be accepted



Unsure as to where your application stands? Let the table below clear things up for you...


Equipment and materials that are specific for the function of the society and can be reused
Entrance fees to competitions/tournaments
Socials/trips that are not specific to the student groups core functions
Hoodies, T-Shirts and Kit available for all members – student group can receive up to 50% of funding
Refreshments for an event – unless this is specific to the core function of your society (i.e. cultural foods or baking)
Collaborations with other student groups (must be signed off by both Chairs and Treasurers)
Transport or fuel
Musical instruments that are unique to the student group (please note that instruments of high popularity will be recommended to the SU to be bought for communal use)
Committee specific clothing (clothing funding must be available for all members)
One-off event posters/promotional materials
Items or events that meet the requirements of the society members and core functions
Hired items, including venue hire



As much as the Society Funding Committee want to dish out all the requested money, there is a limit as to how much can be given. There is only so much money to go round, so the panel can't promise that societies will receive the requested amount in full, if any at all.
Once every application has been decided on, societies will be notified on whether or not they have been successful.


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