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Welcome to Trident Media, Your Student Media

Welcome to Trident Media, owned and operated by students at the University of Hertfordshire with the support of and funding from the Hertfordshire Students' Union. We are the voice of the university. Students are always at the centre of all output. Trident Media has 3 areas for interested students to work in: radio, press and creatives. Whether you're a budding radio presenter, a keen journalist or a photographer or videographer, we want to hear from you!



  • We have a team of passionate students, from DJs, radio hosts and presenters through to musicians and technicians. We also have the oldest student media station in the UK, with an impressive media suite at our Students' Union


  • Our enthusiastic news and press team report on all the hot student topics, local and international news. We will also be launching Trident magazine this year.


  • Events coordinators, photography projects, website designers, social media lovers - you name it! We have a huge creative student body here at Herts and we want to provide you with a tonne of opportunities


As a member of Trident Media you will gain invaluable experience, meet other creative students, be able to access our Media Suite on College Lane and receive a certificate of recognition. You will also have the opportunity to take part in workshops and exclusive events related to Radio, Press and Creatives.


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DID YOU KNOW? Trident Media is named after the de Havilland ‘Trident’ aircraft. Our logo, which features a three-pronged trident, reflects our three media outlets!