Live Music Society

Hey YOU! Yeah YOU! Do You Like Music? Everyone In this Society either loves music as much as you do. Do you play an instrument too? Thats perfect! We have a wide range of people to collaborate with!

Live Music Society for everyone interested in music, whatever the genre, whatever the instrument. Whether you're a musician, a technician, a producer, a teacher, or just a fan, we're the perfect opportunity to network and make friends!

Because of COVID we've had to delay and postpone our in-person events. We Promise you whenever we get the green light and when everything has returned back to normal you'll be seeing us gigging and singing all around the place!

We're a bunch of very approachable and friendly people who are here to help you with whatever it may be! We have people that are amazing at production, people that are amazing with instruments and people that are amazing with marketing. 

We Look forward to seeing you soon! Keep your eyes peeled for our events ;).