Global Students Society

A student-led inclusive platform for all, to socialise and develop communication skills.

A platform at UH for home and International students to come and socialize!

  • A single platform for meeting new people through fun activities, meet-and-greets, and other events that represent many international cultures.
  • For all home and abroad students to interact and discover more about world's diversity.
  • Encourage students in exchanging various languages from different cultures and countries.
  • Introduction of new events for maximum exposure of cultures and a whole new way of All students to socialize.. 
  • Club mashups, involving collabs with other active societies to create societies mashup and fun hybrid events. 
  • Being a part of the society, you are not just a member but are friend as well :)
  • Join us and make new friends in weekly gatherings, and other socialising sessions


*Society of the Month for Feb 2020 and Dec 2018*


⇒  Society organizes events such as "Volunteering Languages Exchange",  "Bonfire Night" and "Multicultural" carnivals. These are some events that are essential in building communication skills, assisting in improved socializing, and improving everyone's global university experience.   ♦♦

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Our Committee:

  • President- Rishi
  • Secretary- Majo
  • Treasurer- Aman
  • Inclusion Officer- Kevin
  • Activities Officer- Azamat
  • Events Organiser- Melissa