Nintendo Society


  • Nintendo Society Standard Membership£3.00
  • Nintendo Society Non-Student Membership£5.00

Committee Membership


Hello everyone, welcome to the Nintendo Society!

Do you need a break from the stresses of uni life? Are you interested in making friends and meeting new people? Well, this is the place for you! Here at the Nintendo Society, we focus on creating a fun space for people of any background and with any interests. You don't need to be a hardcore fan to join, we happily accept anyone who just wants to join and chill out with a wide variety of games.


Meetups are back! We are currently meeting in person once or twice a week and all the details can be found on our discord once you are verified by the committee!



We play a variety of games and are not just Nintendo-focused. For obvious reasons we mostly play Nintendo games due to the group party aspect of them, but we also play a series of other non-Nintendo party games. Feel free to bring your own stuff and introduce it to others!


Meet the new 2021/22 committee! We're very happy to have been elected and will do our best to make this year just as fun as the last.


             Chair - Matthew Atkinson                    Secretary - Gina Beaven


                   Treasurer - Grizz                        Inclusion Officer - Joanna Heath