Contagious Fire

We are a university fellowship that believe in the communal gathering of believers. Our mission is to see people fall in/ reignite their love with Christ, and spread the gospel across Hertfordshire.  We are a ministry that emphasises Bible study, prayer and worship, as we believe understanding who God is, is vital, as well as being in communion with him. We want to see people grow in their relationship with Christ, and have a community that pushes them to grow in their understanding. 

Our mission is to ignite waves of fire across Hertfordshire and the nation, and see people filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in the spirit. As a people we have seen signs and wonders, witnessed miracles, healing and deliverances and have a firm belief that God is still operating in that today. We want to see more young people working within the things of God and growing in the things of God. 

Contagious Fire has undergone a massive rebrand, not only has our logo changed, there is a change in student leadership as well as pastoral leadership. As a society we have partnered up with our local church in Welwyn Garden City: Hertfordshire International Church, who not only support us as leaders but also you as members. We want to hear your voice so we have created a confidential, non partial platform for you to give any requests or raise any concerns.

We are here to help you, and to listen to your voices and support you, not only in your Christian journey but in any other areas we can! We promise to stand with you as a society and as a community and do better than we have done in the past. 

We hope you join us in this journey!

Follow us on instagram @contagiousfire_ , to stay up to date with announcements, DM us if you would like to chat or connect with us.

stay blessed!