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  • K-Entertainment Society Non-student Membership£4.00
  • K-Entertainment Society Standard Membership£2.00

Committee Membership


Welcome to the K-Entertainment Society

Are you a fan of K-Pop? or perhaps a K-Drama lover? Or maybe bothThen you have come to the right place. 
K-Entertainment stands for Korean Entertainment. This includes dramas, music videos, variety shows, reality shows and much more. We not only listen to K-Pop, but K-Rap, K-Hip Hop and much more. We watch a variety of dramas/movies; genres ranging from sad to happy, from historical to romance [this is not an exhaustive list!]. Don't worry, we make sure that every voice is heard!
This year, our aim is to do a variety of events including quiz nights, games nights, movie nights as well as reaction videos. We may even hold an end of year K-Pop party with other societies!
If you don't know what K-Entertainment is then don't hesitate to join us - everyone is welcome!
Student membership will be £2 for the whole year and £4 for non-students.
Currently, we are holding face-to-face sessions! Details are always sent out via email so make sure you have your membership!
When? Fridays 6pm to 8:30pm
Below is a quick video from last year:
If you would like to get in contact with us, please email us at uhk.entertainment@gmail.com
Follow us on our Instagram page: @uhk.ent

Committee Members 2021-2022:

Chair: Eisha Imtiaz
Secretary: Chaeeun "Victoria" Song
Treasurer: Alice Saaremaa
Inclusion Officer: Lisa "Lis" Farrell-Tonge