Black Empowerment Society

Our society will encourage cultural education and social awareness through dialogues and artistic presentations.

The Black Empowerment Society focuses on improving the quality of life on campus and enhancing equal opportunities for each individual. Our society would encourage cultural education and social awareness through dialogues and artistic presentations.


Our goals

The students will have a safe trusted space within the campus where they can share and express themselves, but also grow within themselves.  We will mainly be: Enforcing freedom of speech and creativity; allowing everyone to share their thought on different topics. But also touching on subjects that restrict togetherness between communities, encouraging empathy for different minority groups, and educating people about culture and the history behind it.



Every week we will be hosting new activities for students to join.  This is to enforce togetherness and a sense of community within our society while focusing on our main goals well.

A seat around the table; This will be an activity mainly focussing on how certain recent situations have affected one another and this activity will give everyone the chance to speak up about it.

Education night; We will educate people about certain things in history or that we come across every day and evaluate how we can benefit or use them in a positive way.

Exposed; During this event, we will shine a light on the talent that has been underrated and give each person an equal chance to share their work of art.

Open mic night; This is an activity that will give members the chance to express themselves in any way shape or form. This will also give us a chance to pick people for ‘Exposed’


To sum it up

We know there are a lot of cultural societies out there that can be a great benefit to future collars. But one thing that none of them focus on is Black empowerment, a space that invites productive conversations around silenced themes such as; racial inequality, colorism, structural racism... We believe that that is a very important thing to raise awareness on as that can create a safe space on campus where Black and ethnic minority groups can share ideas that can enhance equal opportunities and dismantle social conversations and taboos that restrict a genuine sense of community.

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If you have any suggestions or information you'd like to share with us that we can include in our activities make sure to reach out as well.

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