International Business Society

IBSoc is a student-led society that brings together those studying International Business at Hertfordshire Business School as well as students with an interest in businesses around the world.


  • International Business Society Standard Membership£3.00

Committee Membership


Aims of the Society

  1. To create opportunities for international business society to get involved in academic, extra-curricular activities that will enable them grow and be well-rounded business individuals
  2. To raise awareness to the university about issues affecting the students and seek for ways to create effective solutions
  3. To create networking opportunities for studentsW that would come in useful upon graduation.


Why Should I be a member?

1. A better way to get to know members of your course

2. The international business society would benefit students by providing students with educational and professional network opportunities, teach skills that would enhance their employability skills and help to create a healthy learning environment.

3. Access to tailored workshops and speacial events



As a result of the on-going pandemic and us trying to comply with the rules and regulations regarding social gathering our events would be virtual. But not to worry it still promises to be fun and insightful!!. Meeting times would be communicated days earlier to give everyone time to plan towards it