Student Paramedic Society

The Student Paramedic Society is an academic society formed to explore all areas of pre-hospital medicine. We host great events and social activities, and welcome everyone to become a member!


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Committee Membership


The University of Hertfordshire Student Paramedic Society is an academic society formed to enhance the experience as a clinical student. The society aids the academic learning of its members, as well as clinical support and pastoral care. Through CPD, lab sessions and personal mentoring, the society is there for healthcare students during their training to support them as they develop into clinicians, so they are prepared and empowered to begin their career.


One of the best parts of going to university is, of course, the social experience! We, at the Student Paramedic Society, also love to run amazing events for all our members.

The first event on our calendar is the Initiation. All three paramedic year groups join in a big celebration to welcome new students, reunite with old friends, and welcome the start of a new academic year (with the optional help of alcohol).

Paramedics love to keep active, so we've got lots of sporting fixtures planned. These include playing against student paramedics from other universities, and possibly even the lecture team! Be warned; we're a competitive bunch.

When not in our paramedic uniforms, we take any opportunity to dress up. In December, we will be hosting a Christmas party for all year groups. In the summer, we will also be hosting the Graduate Ball for third-year students.

All events and activities will be carried out while adhering to the current COVID guidelines.


CPD activities are hugely beneficial for paramedics. It’s a great way to expand your knowledge and understanding of the profession, discover new roles and innovations, and meet like-minded people within the profession.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent CPD events. We have many guest speakers who visit to speak about a wide range of topics. These include talks on critical care, maternity and healthy eating, to name just a few.

We welcome everyone to our CPD events. Even if you’re not a paramedic, these talks can be hugely beneficial, and be applied to your own profession.

Community is vital, and we want to be able to support our members in any way we can. In response, we will be providing optional mentoring support. You will be teamed up with a 3rd-year paramedic student who will be able to support and guide you throughout the academic year. If you want to discuss any issues, such as troubles with an essay, or discussing a difficult job you attended on placement, our mentors will be happy to help.

We will be providing weekly study sessions, to allow members to discuss any topics they may be struggling with. The informal gathering will enable members to teach one another and become more confident in their academic ability.

Meet the committee

President- Mitchell Brown 

Vice-President- Kerry Sims

Secretary- Daniel McGechie 

Treasurer- Hattie Podmore 

Inclusion Officer- Joshua Burdall 


We looking forward to meeting you!

Student Paramedic Society 


  • Student Paramedic Society Christmas Dinner£20.00