Baking Society

Whether you're an experienced baker or just interested in how to make some of your favourite cakes and other treats, the Baking Society is a great place to learn some new and easy recipes. It is also a brilliant opportunity to have some space to relax, meet new people and make some friends. This society gives you skills you can use in the future, for cooking or socialisation and, hopefully, some good food at the end of the evening. With a space to cook, meet new people and have easy recipes to try, we hope Baking Society will be something anyone can come and enjoy.

We aim to hold at least one session fortnightly at newton court flat 5 to do a bake, with the opportunity to hold some larger events or competitions throughout the year. This will give us ample opportunity to create connections within our society and focus on our members and help them progress. In the future, we aim to become a more popular society and hold more sessions for our members.


Monica Sharp - Chair

Hannah Brown - Secretary

Oscar Gifford - Treasurer


Memberships are only £5


We are planning to run in-person events, there will be hand washing and sanitising stations available. We encourage you to have had a negative lateral flow covid test before attending.

We look forward to baking with you soon! 


Facebook: UHSU Baking Society


Instagram: @uhbakingsociety

Baking Archive 2020-21 (feel free to try out our previous recipes as you wish):