Sikh Society

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,


Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Sikh Society!


We aim to support everyone, especially those of you far away from home. We want to share our knowledge of Sikhi, and in turn, share ideas surrounding Sikhi from you guys. Although we're a faith-based group, this year we will be focusing more on the socialising side of things so we can all get to know different types of people, and mainly have fun!


We hold lots of different events on a regular basis, both on-campus and in the surrounding Hertfordshire area. Our first event will be our Meet & Greet event as always! We tend to incorporate a wide range of activities into the calendar, including but not limited to: topgolf, bowling, games nights, debate nights, gurdwara trips, and some guest speakers delivering talks as well. If there are any events that you'd like to see happening, contact one of the committee members! 


Last but not least, our membership fee goes towards funding for events. In order to be added to our WhatsApp group chat and attend our socials, you are required to hold a membership.

Hope to see you soon :)