Nigeria-Ghana Society

Nigerian-Ghana society of University of Hertfordshire endeavours to be a unifying body that represents the interest and speaks on behalf of all students at the University with a connection to Nigeria and Ghana. 

Our passion is to create a platform where Nigerians can share ideas and foster better relationships amongst ourselves. We feel that a strong Nigerian-Ghana society will attract morepotential students from Nigeria and Ghana willing to study abroad to the University of Hertfordshire. We also believe that we could, through the Nigerian-Ghana society contribute to the the rich multi-cultural environment that exists here herts.

Some of our activities includes sporting events, celebration of independence day, book club, fitfam, fashion 101 and lots more. 

We would also have inter-society events, to help build a relationship  with other society members.

Non Nigerians and Ghanians are welcome to join us, we would be happy to receive you.

Remember membership costs nothing this year so feel free to join up and check us out.  

Please feel free to follow all our social media handles.