Pole and Aerial Society

Want to try something different? Want to get fit, strong and flexible? Come and join the Pole and Aerial Society, we hold pole fitness and hoop classes! Join in to meet some new friends and have fun.


  • Pole and Aerial Society Non-Student Membership£18.00
  • Pole and Aerial Society Standard Membership£10.00

Committee Membership



We are a fairly new society that offers pole and hoop classes. Pole fitness is a more unconventional way to get fit and we believe it's empowering for everyone. Classes are offered for beginners all the way to advanced levels so everyone is welcome to try! 

We compete in the IUPDC (Inter-University Pole Dancing Competiton) in beginner, intermediate, advanced and group competitions - training will be provided for the IUPDC.



Classes are held in the Hutton Hall (above the SU) on College Lane every Wednesday.  Some of the classes we offer are:

Flexibility Flow

Beginners Pole 

All Ability Pole


The associated Studio at Herts Dance & Fitness is located in Welwyn Garden City offer more classes such as hoop, pole and circus. Classes held at Herts Dance & Fitness are offered to student members at a discounted rate of £TBC an hour. Classes are usually £12 an hour for non-members.

The studio also offers supporting classes which will help you get better in Pole Dance and Aerial Arts such as - 

+ Aerial conditioning - Conditioning Classes that use ropes and hammocks which develops strength & Flexibility

+ Stretch & Flex - for flexibility and splits
+ Dance Training - works on dance skills of your choice (ballet, contemporary, classique)


Classes are held in the Hutton Hall, College Lane. Our classes are taught by a highly qualified pole instructor, Vanessa.


I've never done Pole or Hoop Classes before, what should I wear? - We recommend wearing a short tee, shorts. Do not moisturise or fake tan before pole class as you are more likely to slip off the pole and you may struggle with grip. For hoop classes, we recommend covering skin, such as leggings.

Beginners or Mixed Ability? - Our beginner class works through basic pole moves and techniques and is perfect for those just starting out or coming back to pole after a bit of a break. We recommend mixed ability classes for those with a bit more experience. This class is great for all ability levels (beginners too!) as our instructor will teach moves with variations to fit everyone, and for those who are more capable, this is your chance to work on more advanced tricks!

How much does membership cost? - Membership cost £10 for students and non-students £18 and this year we offer a semester-only membership for £8. Membership can be purchased on the right-hand side.

What's the price per class? - Pole classes and Flexibility Flow sessions are both £4.50 per session. This is a great deal compared to the £12 per session the studio usually charges. Lollipop lyra Classes are TBA.

Do you hold any socials, I would like to make new friends? - We are holding socials throughout the year with themes, drinking and non-drinking and society outings. There will be a social for everybody. Socials will be announced via Facebook.

*Please note: You should arrive 5 mins before the start time of your class. If you miss the warm-up you will not be allowed to take part and this will not be refundable.*

These details are subject to change in the upcoming weeks, however, it gives an insight into what you can expect!  Keep updated by following our insta above!

*Please be careful to inform us more than 24 hours before a class if you cannot make it, otherwise we will not be able to move your session to the next week.*

Any more questions - drop us a message on our social media sites






  • Total Grip Liquid Chalk£6.75
  • Wednesday Sessions Wed 8 Dec 2021 - Flex Class - 2:30pm£3.50
  • Wednesday Sessions Wed 8 Dec 2021 - Beginner Pole - 3:30£4.50
  • Wednesday Sessions Wed 8 Dec 2021 - Mixed Ability -4:30£4.50