Pharmacology Society

Welcome to the UH Pharmacology Society, open to ALL Bioscience, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science students.

The UH Pharmacology Society is open to ALL Bioscience, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science students from all years!

Membership to all UH Societies is free this year – you can sign up, come along (virtually) and see what you think at no cost to you! There is no pressure to attend all events.

Our Society Involves:

  1. Social Events – Meet more people from your course! We believe that a social space for Bioscience students is especially important at the moment, since most of our classes are online. We plan to run quizzes, competitions, escape rooms, Netflix parties and more. There will be prizes for some of these!


  1. Coursework and Exam Support – We run sessions at key times of the year to support you with coursework and exam preparations. Unsure how to structure your lab report? Don’t know where to start with exam revision? Struggling to find or understand reliable, quality sources for a literature review? We can help!


  1. Boosting your CV – Engaging with non-compulsory groups while at university looks great on your CV. We can run sessions helping you to become a member of the British Pharmacology Society (BPS) which is free for undergraduates and shows an extra level of commitment to your studies/bioscience career goals. We can also run sessions helping you set up a LinkedIn profile, where you can share your achievements, find placements and job opportunities.


  1. Guest Lecturers – Each year, the committee leaders apply for grants to host talks by inspirational guest lecturers. We get to hear about their latest research! We will have at least 1 talk by a guest lecturer this academic year (2020-2021).


  1. Networking – Make connections with people from other Bioscience pathways (Biomedical Science, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Biological Science, Pharmaceutic Science) and year groups. This can be very helpful if you decide to change pathway at the end of first year, as you can get ideas from students currently on that course. It can also give you ideas about postgraduate study, graduate and part time job opportunities, placements and study abroad.


  1. Attend (Online) Events – These events include the BPS Conference and RPS Winter Summit. Hear about research from world-renowned scientists and network with organisations, companies, universities and individuals – a great way to see what options are available after your degree.


  1. *Your Suggestions Here* – We encourage members to suggest events they want to see. If the event can be run on a reasonable budget and in line with Covid guidelines, we can probably make it happen!


All events will be run online in Semester A, and most likely in Semester B as well. We have adapted our content so that it works well online.

Have a look at our Facebook page for more information: please note that the page is being updated during October 2020 to contain the most up-to-date information.

We hope you choose to join the Pharmacology Society!