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Herts Liberty

Who are we?

A newly founded Society (Jan 2018), Herts Liberty was set up to unite those passionate, freedom loving students who feel disillusioned by the current political establishment. We accept individuals from various political backgrounds, whether you are a libertarian, from a mainstream political party or completely new to politics - as long as you value the importance of liberty; be it freedom from the state, individualism, self ownership, de-regulation or otherwise.
Meeting Dates:
Tuesday 13th Feb - Casual Pub Meet @ Elehouse 6pm
Formal Meetings in F321 (Wright Building) College Lane Campus 6pm
Wednesaday 21st Feb
Wednesday 21st March
Wednesday 18th April
Wednesday 16th May

What kind of members are we looking for?

As a society, we represent those students who typically support important issues such as:

- Freedom of speech
- Self-ownership & Individualism
- Lower taxation
- Free market enterprise
- Volantaryism
- Legalisation/decriminalisation of drugs
- Reduced government spending


What does the Society offer?

We have plans to host a variety of events, everything from guest speakers and debates to casual evening pub meetings, reading groups, charity fundraisers and more.
If you would like to know more, drop us a message or click the link to our Twitter or Facebook page.