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Global Students Society

A platform at UH for home and International students to come and socialize! Please keep on the look out for us in Freshers '18 and we will keep you posted!

  1.  A new platform for new and old students to mingle. And socialize
  2.  A platform where all the international and home students will get to know each other by cultural events. 
  3.  A society which can reduce the differences of people of different countries and stop them from grouping in just their own country.
  4.  Introduction of new events for maximum exposure of cultures and a whole new way of All students to socialize.. 
  5.  Modifying and improving previous events done in the Uni so the students experience should be taken to another level.
  6. A platform where we can make a committee and members of that society, create a bond. Where we can have weekly gatherings and other sessions