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UH RadSoc

A brand new society as of 2018 created by current second year radiography students!


Our Aims:

- Increase communication among the cohort outside of lectures

- Assist in course content understanding

- Enhance opportunities for industry insights


Membership Benifits:

- Social Events

- Informal Revision Days (allowing collaboration with peers over theory content that others may struggle with!)

- Guest Speakers

- SoR Study Days


Please Note...

1. As we are a brand new society, we are still working on how to provide content for our members - we appreciate any suggestions, just drop us an email!

2. Committee members for this society currently only consist of students on the Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging (BSc) programme and so this society may currently not be as beneficial for our Radiotherapy and Oncology (BSc) student peers. (If you have a suggestion to resolve this, let us know!)

3. Guest Speakers and SoR study days will be dependent on availability and, if scheduled, may have to be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis if we have an excessive number of students wanting to attend.


If you have any queries feel free to contact us by email (social media accounts are still in the process of being set up).


We look forward to meeting you!

UHRadSoc Committee