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Creative Touch

Creative Touch? Well… you can call it: YOUR NEW PERFORMING ART SOCIETY.


Dance. How would one define the word? As stated, dance is being able to “move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps”. Nevertheless, the adrenaline rush you receive when you’re on the floor. Your two left feet transitioning to be one right and one left. Not to talk about the mental satisfaction that follows after the stream of water becoming apparent from your face.  


Courtesy of Creative Touch bringing you the very best dance teachers…


Why pass on the opportunity? 


STUDENTS AND NON-STUDENTS of Herts University, GRAB PURCHASE SECURE your membership today!


Furthermore, Creative Touch not only specialises in dance, but we also venture into music and entertainment. We aim to put on the livest showcases and events covering multiple genres such as Hip Hop, RnB, 90s, Grime, Afrobeats and many more. These events will allow students to network and gain new skills. 


So why don’t you join our creative family? You don't want to miss this opportunity!