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Nintendo Society

Hello all! 

If you're looking at this society then you probably know what Nintendo is, and you probably have a few games of theirs that you play. If not, then Nintendo is a game company who make a specific line of consoles and games for players to enjoy. Whether you're savvy or not, our society can be the society for you, if you enjoy playing video games with other people. Our aim is to provide a time and a place for people with similar interests to meet, greet and compete (in a healthy atmosphere). I can throw in a few examples of things we will do, which are: Super Smash bros tournament, Mario party, Just Dance, Kirby playthroughs, Pokemon challenges and maybe playthroughs, Mario Kart of course and any other game a member may have.

I hope to see many faces at our events and we will be glad to welcome you to our group.

From our heart to yours,

Jade, Akash and Leah