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Afro Caribbean Society


New year, New team !!!!!!

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.

Follow us on all our social media accounts to keep up to date with what is going on.

See you soon....


Committee 2017/2018

President - Kassa- @unknown_K (Twitter), Kassa__ (Insta), Kassa__ (Snap)

Vice President - Shannon- @ShannonCarterr_ (Twitter),  xvsc._ (Insta), Shannoncartter (Snap)

Secretary - Ireti- @B_Benchy (Twitter), Oloribaddo (Insta), Iretilawal (Snap) 

Treasurer - David- @DavidOssai (Twitter), davidossai (Insta),  davidossai (Snap)

Events Manager - Tobi- @Tobiiii___ (Twitter),  _Raxe_ (Insta), tee_amos7 (Snap)

Media & Promotions Captain - Chuks- @chuksndugbu (Twitter), cdn_1 (insta),  chukszn (Snap)

Sports Captain - Esther- @11Ayomide (Twitter), estheralake (Insta),  estheralake (Snap)


Social Media

Twitter: @UHACS


Snapchat: @HERTSACS

Youtube:  @HERTSACS

Email: uhacs@hotmail.co.uk